About Us

HSEC CONSULTING is Global consultancy young Peruvian origin, arises from the need for companies to have a strategic partner that will provide optimum support in Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Communities.

We are a multidisciplinary team of consultants are highly trained in different specialties and from different parts of the world: Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, United States, Portugal and Australia with extensive professional experience in their respective specialties.

This is the beginning of a great challenge for our team; we will put all our knowledge, skills and passion for our work available. Here we begin to write our history give us the opportunity to be part of yours and cope together with your challenges.


HSEC CONSULTING is a global consultancy, provides innovative, tailored, comprehensive, visionary that add value to their processes and results of our clients: mining, hydrocarbons, energy, construction and general industry, for which we with best multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience, ready to provide customers with high service quality standards.


We want to become a leader in the consulting industry for a global world, with leadership in the services we provide, being recognized by our customers for our innovation, differentiation and quality.

Values (Philosophy)

Our values are our guide in all we do:

  1. Leadership: make things happen.
  2. Thinking Global: our references to best practices worldwide.
  3. Innovation: that makes a difference for our customers.
  4. Continuous improvement: sWe constantly seek to optimize the process.
  5. Proactivity: always anticipating facts farsighted.
  6. Teamwork: we are one; we work together and harmonious looking to give their best.
  7. Integrity: we are honest, responsible and committed to our work, clients and colleagues.
  8. Ethics: act responsibly and transparently, be trustworthy in our work and relationships.
  9. Respect: We respect our people, our customers, partners, competitors, communities and the environments in which we live and work.
  10. Solidarity: work in solidarity with our people, customers, communities, environment and all who interact with us.

“It’s not hard to make decisions if you have clear values.”
Roy Disney


HSEC CONSULTING professionals has extensive experience enabling us to offer clients a range of services for the development and execution of consultancies in Occupational Health, Industrial Safety, Environment and Communities.

Consulting Team

Consultant Founder:

Lourdes Diaz Avalos (Peru)

Associated Consultants:

Enilda Maranhão de Paula (Brazil)
Raimundo Alcântara (Brazil)
Miguel Sanhueza (Chile)
Everaldo Campos (Brazil)
Marilia Mejía (Brazil)
Milagros Carrera (Perú)
Guy Jackson (USA)
Martín Fernandez (Argentina)
Jairo Muñoz Pardo (Colombia)
Luis Pablo D’Amico (Argentina)
Alejo Gutiérrez (Chile)
Willian Pereira (Brazil)

“Teamwork is the fuel for the vehicle’s achievement”
HSEC Consulting Team